About Dharma

Dharma is founded to develop and promote the general intellectual and educational level, familiarity with exercises of mindfulness, self-help, self-learning, and self-improvement. Dharma's thinking and foundation are based on donation, kindness, and cooperation. Based on this, all podcasts produced in Dharma are provided completely free of charge, and no advertisements are accepted.

We believe that meditation is not enough without training, and training and improving the level of personal knowledge and contemplation together can be more efficient and useful.

Dharma has no religious, ideological, or political orientation, and all the presented materials are based on scientific issues and are free of superstitious and baseless ideas and beliefs.

Dharma is a global approach that does not belong to a particular culture, language, or country and is currently producing and publishing content in several languages.

The members of the Dharma World Team gather every year in a country around the world and discuss scientific and spiritual issues after getting to know each other.

If you would like your podcast, book or other cultural or spiritual products to be introduced free of charge in Dharma, you can email info@dharmapodcast.com. The mission that the Dharma team has been planning for itself from the beginning is to fill the training gaps and we hope to get somewhat close to this.