Join the Dharma World Team

Dharma is a global approach that does not belong to a particular culture, language, or country and is currently producing and publishing content in several languages.

You can join Dharma in two ways:

1. Official recruitment in the Dharma team

2. voluntary and unintended cooperation.

If you are interested in working with the Dharma team, please pay attention to the following:

  • Be sure to listen to all episodes of Dharma.
  • Be familiar with Dharma's way of thinking and approach.
  • Be aware that volunteering is aimed at individual growth and will not benefit you anymore.English translation.
  • If you are looking to raise or earn your credit, privileges and introductions, Dharma is not suitable for you.

To join the Dharma team, please send your resume and application to and explain why you are interested in working with Dharma.