We are here to share our journey and to facilitate your journey to awakening through meditation. There are no expectations. Everyone is free to choose how to awaken, as there are many paths to follow. Some paths are difficult and filled with obstacles and dangers while others that may appear easy, are not altogether free from risk. Together, we will guide you along the path of meditation as a way to enable you to move forward and out of a Halfway state of being. You will encounter obstacles and temptations along the way that may hinder your personal growth, but with commitment, perseverance and patience you will be able to arrive at an awakened state.   

In time, you may decide that meditation is not the right path for you and stop practicing. Our goal is to provide you with methods to choose the best path for yourself and to never loose sight of awakening as the ultimate goal. This process is not about do’s and don’ts, dogmatic ideology or the fanaticism that can surface from those solely interested in maintaining religious, ideological or traditional beliefs. What is important is to not become distracted and to continue on a path that leads to awakening.

Meditation has been attributed to reducing stress, correcting sleeping issues, helping manage anger, and in general, becoming a better person. These, however, are just a small fraction of the benefits one can receive from meditating. The true goal of meditating is to awaken. You will be provided with different meditation techniques in different chapters so that you can select the style that best suits you.

In the beginning, you may find listening to my tone of voice different from what you are accustomed to, as it is not smooth like that of a reader or newscaster. We recommend that you listen to at least two chapters and then you will understand that the voice of the guide is for your guidance only. It’s important to focus on the content and the tone.

Being awake means being fully present and connected to oneself, to the universe, and nature. It is truly a worthwhile endeavor.

We appreciate your interest and support.